HUMANO HUMAN RIGHTS FILM FESTIVAL promotes and rewards creators of feature films and short films that promote Human Rights-related themes. The festival welcomes productions that tell stories of humans experiencing human rights violations. By launching a broad network, it includes productions that examine the rights of: our planet, ethnic groups, access and equity to education, access to health, gender inequality, migratory challenges, racism, xenophobia, misogyny, homophobia and other obstacles that prevent a decent and balanced life throughout the human spectrum.

The Festival is an invitation to show those who, through cinema, defend those who do not have access to a decent life, to an egalitarian world, to a clean planet and environment.


HUMAN encourages the old and new generation of artists to express themselves through cinema, without fear of demanding equality and quality of life, fighting through their art for the objectives of being able to live as a worthy human being. Through the power of cinema, HUMAN harnesses the visual message, allowing attendees to raise their awareness and dialogue on human rights to a new level. Taking advantage of traditional digital platforms as the avant-garde of the 21st century, HUMAN aims to provide something different from traditional film festivals.


The Festival is offered in conjunction with the Forums on human and planet rights.

The forums will include international and local experts in key subject areas to discuss in parallel the central themes raised in the films. The forums will be public events that will welcome anyone interested in attending and participating, as a means of promoting greater education around human rights and planet issues.

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